Why did Sharon Osbourne slam Justin Bieber?

Osbourne slams Bieber for making ‘disposable music’

Sharon Osbourne has slammed Justin Bieber for making “disposable music”. Speaking on US chat show Chelsea Lately, the 61-year-old English television host has revealed that if she was his manager, he would have needed surgery to get her “foot out of his ass”, the Mirror reported.

The wife of Ozzy Osbourne said that the 19-year-old star doesn”t do anything that’s going to stand the test of time and added that if she managed him, she would have put him in the studio until he came out with a great album.

The television talent competition judge explained that she is not judgmental if someone is a “great artist” and makes “great music”, but she is against “floppy, poppy, disposable music”.

Sharon had previously admitted that she felt bad for Bieber and had defended his antics as an attempt to “act out”.