Why does Shahrukh Khan hate himself?

The King Khan has started disliking himself for being unfit and weak, says that his new year resolution is to be fit

Shahrukh Khan has been keeping rather unfit since quite some time. His shoulder injury has been troubling him for quite some time and a few months back he underwent a surgery to cure the problem. “My fitness pledge is – in March, I need to be really, really fit. I want to have a body structure, which I have never had before. I really want to do it. I hope I don’t get injured before that,” the 48-year-old said at the launch of Deanne Panday’s fitness book- Shut Up and Train.

The 48-year-old is currently shooting for Farah Khan‘s Happy New Year, but he is following a strict regime to ensure that he is fit and healthy. “Even though I am shooting, I am working out almost everyday. I really want to be very fit,” he said. “Last year I found so many excuses to be unfit. About two months ago I started to hate myself that I am so weak and I am so prone to give into my weaknesses. So now, I want to work really hard for the next five-six months,” he added.