Why is Robbie Williams moving back to US?

Williams will bid adieu to London and movie to US  coz of his wifey. But why? Read on to know

Singer Robbie Williams has decided to shift base back to the US as his wife Ayda isn’t too fond of the British weather.

The couple moved here shortly before the birth of daughter Theodora “Teddy” Rose in September 2012. Robbie likes it in London, where they bought a 17 million pounds mansion, but Ayda has persuaded him to move back to Los Angeles.

In fact, the family has spent the past four months lapping up the sunshine at their Beverly Hills home. They have also been soaking in the joys of walking in the mountains and enjoying the beach and the weather.

Ayda, 34, was born in Turkey but raised in Hollywood.

“Ayda agreed to spend a year living in London as a trial. She’s lived in LA all her life and most of her friends are there. While he’s happy to live in either country, things were a lot different for Ayda,” said a source.

“She much prefers the climate in LA to the constant cold and frequent rain in Britain. But it was not just the weather she missed. She’s lived in LA all her life and most of her friends are there.”

“She always had company as her mum lives with them and travels with them everywhere but she missed her pals who knew her before she was Robbie’s wife,” added the source.