Why Katy Perry regrets asking for big boobs from God?

While the world may be troubled with serious issues, Ms Perry too has her share of problems!

Katy Perry has confessed that she regrets praying for big breasts from God because she had no clue that they would fall into her armpits eventually. The Fireworks hit maker opened up about her boobs during an interview with GQ magazine, Metro.co.uk reported. The 29-year-old singer continued saying that she is 100 percent natural as she has never had any plastic surgery done on her body. Perry also revealed to the publication that she lost her virginity when she was 16-years-old in the ‘front seat of a Volvo’.

Katy Perry has also confessed that she believes a lot in astrology and aliens. The Roar hitmaker told GQ magazine that she looks up into the stars and wonders how self important humans are to think that they are the only life-form, People Magazine reported. Perry added that if her relationship with US President Barack Obama gets any better, she is going to ask him that question.