Why Soha Ali Khan will never enter politics?

The Mr Joe B Carvalho actor is quite open while voicing opinions on political issues, has often come out to encourage voters to come ahead and chose their leaders, but swears she will never enter the big bad world of politics

Soha Ali Khan, who was one of the poll ambassadors for the elections, has revealed that she will never enter politics because one is supposed to abide by many rules and she can’t. The Bollywood actress told L’officiel magazine that she is enjoying political impact through films. The 35-year-old beauty explained that a politician needs to have a dire desire to serve the people of the country and be the change crusader, and an actor does the same through his or her films. The Rang De Basanti actor asserted that she feels satisfied about her role as a social evangelist and gets a lot of opportunities to serve the society because of her status as an actress. Khan asserted that she has been associated with a number of noble social causes like child’s rights, AIDS awareness, child education, and raised money through charity acts for the blind and the under-privileged, adding that all of this has been very satisfying.