Will Brad Pitt’s Fury be another Inglourious Basterds?- Watch trailer!

In his upcoming war film the actor plays the role of a battle-hardened army sergeant

A lot has been said and made on the World War in Germany and Brad Pitt‘s character in the film sums up the bloodied theme of  war beautifully when he says, “Ideals are peaceful history is violent.”

As the Allies make their final push Europe a small platoon of five men in a Sherman tank named Fury is sent to the heart of Nazi Germany to fight a hopeless battle. Playing the role of a rugged army man named Wardaddy, Brad Pitt looks astonishingly young in the film. He has proved his mettle as a hardened soldier before in films like Inglourious Basterds and he is set out to outdo himself once again. Leading his men behind the enemy lines the character of Wardaddy is thirsty for glory and will fight with his men endlessly to achieve the same.

Looking at the trailer we can tell that the film will give the audience some iconic lines to remember like , “The war will end soon, but before it does, a lot more people have to die.” The filmis directed by David Ayer and also stars Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman in crucial roles.

Will the outnumbered and out-gunned platoon manage to survive behind enemy lines. We will have to wait till November to find out. Till then relish the trailer here!