Will Cherly Cole be part of The X Factor this year?

The talented singer feels her privacy will be ruined if she returns to The X Factor

Cheryl Cole has been reportedly offered a hefty amount to join back The X Factor, but she fears if she accepts the show, her personal life will turn into a circus. Music mogul Simon Cowell, who axed her from the reality show’s US version in 2011, now wants her back and is ready to pay her a tidy sum, according to a source.

“Cheryl has happy memories of The X Factor – she won it twice and loved ­mentoring her acts. But she didn’t have any time to herself and doesn’t want the media circus around her like before,” mirror.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

When Cheryl was part of the show as a mentor, she was married to footballer Ashley Cole.

“At that time her relationship with Ashley was in tatters and she was ­living her life in the limelight every day. This is where her quandary lies,” a source said.

“The reality is if she gets a new boyfriend, for example, while she’s on The X Factor, it will ­become a much bigger deal than if she isn’t on the show. Right now, she wants a happy balance ­between work and life,” added the source.

The source also revealed that the singer is working on her new album and will release it ­later this year.