Will Dina Lohan’s book get published?

Unless Dina’s ex-husband Michael doesn’t read the book, it won’t hit the stands

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan has demanded a copy of ex-wife Dina Lohan’s upcoming memoir before he signs the no-objection form.

Michael, 53, was contacted by publishing house Birdstreet Books this week informing him that he was mentioned in Dina’s memoir Dina Lohan: My Journey.

Michael refused to give a green signal to the book until he gets to read what is written about him in the book, reports a website.

He reminded the publishing house that he and Dina are under a gag order, and that applies to books, so she can’t legally write negative about him.

Michael has threatened to go to courts and stop the release of the book if his demand is not met.

The book is scheduled to release in February this year.