Will Kim Kardashian drop her surname after marrying Kanye West?

Only time will tell but Kanye sure wants his fiancée to be known as Kim West after marriage

Rapper Kanye West wants his ladylove Kim Kardashian to drop her famous surname once they get married. He has conveyed it clearly to Kim that he wants her to take his last name, but the latter’s mother Kris Jenner has insisted that Kim becomes Kim Kardashian-West instead of Kim West, reports an entertainment website. This has left Kanye upset.

“Everyone at the table gave a thumbs up, except for Kanye. He sat quiet and stern faced, then blurted forcefully, ‘She will be known as Kim West. My wife will bear my name only,” said a source.

Kim and Kanye’s daughter North has the surname West. Kim is now facing the tough decision of trying to please both her hot-headed partner and her extremely persuasive mother.