Will Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan reveal his daughter’s secrets in his autobiography?

LiLo’s dad plans to write own tell all book

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael is writing a tell-all book, according to reports. Michael Lohan, who had been trying to stop ex-wife Dina from releasing an autobiography of her own, has reportedly agreed a deal that allows his former spouse to go ahead with her literary project, on the condition he can write a tome of his own. The showbiz patriarch was approached by Dina’s publishers Birdstreet Books last November and asked to sign off on her book, but he insisted on reading the work line by line and pledged to go to court to stop the project as both he and his former spouse are under a gagging order preventing them from discussing their divorce. However, according to TMZ.com, Michael has now told the publishers he will sign a legal document to release Dina from the gagging order, but only if he gets his own book deal. Birdstreet are keen for the deal to go ahead, but so far Lilo‘s father is said to be unhappy with the financial offer they have made.