Will Shakira and Rihanna’s latest single Can’t remember to forget you be banned in Colombia?

Colombian politician blasts Shakira for promoting lesbianism in new single

Shakira’s latest act with Rihanna has not gone down well with Canadian politician. Marco Fidel Ramirez  has slammed Shakira for promoting lesbianism with Rihanna in her latest single Can’t remember to forget you.Ramirez wants Colombia’s National Television Authority to ban the song from being broadcasted on any national channel, the Daily Star reported. He claimed that the video damages the moral character of the youth of Bogota, Colombia and Latin America. Ramirez insisted that the 37-year-old singer and Rihanna should be ashamed of themselves, adding that the video also promotes tobacco use, stealing and killing.

Rihanna and Shakira share a naked embrace in their raunchy new video for the single Can’t Remember To Forget You.In the video, Rihanna is seen draping herself around Shakira with nothing but her tattoos covering her skin, the Daily Star reported. The duo shed their clothes in a tangle of naked limbs, as they place their heads together in raunchy scenes. While in another scene, Shakira is seen reclining on a striped bed wearing racy black lingerie and they even puff cigars lying together in bed.