X Factor’s James Arthur trying to save career post anti-gay rap backlash

Arthur faces anti-gay rap backlash

Former X Factor winner James Arthur has revealed that he is struggling to save his career after receiving backlash for calling underground rapper Micky Worthless “f****ng queer” in a rap. Soon after his rant rap, which was in response to Micky’s jibes, outraged critics launched an online petition demanding that Arthur be removed from X Factor line-up. However, when he finished performing his single Recovery on the show, the singer said that it was hard getting back in front of people and he is just trying to save his career. The 25-year-old musician said that he’s extremely disappointed in himself for being so naive with the diss track he made, asserting that homophobia is something he does not believe in. Arthur also apologised for abusing his position as an X Factor winner.