Zee Entertainment’s Zindagi to telecast Pakistani soap operas!

Zee Entertainment’s new channel will air popular Pakistani soaps…

While Indian viewers are used to the suite of entertainment channels under the Zee banner, Zee continues to look toward expanding their consumer base with a new venture Zindagi. The channel that is to be launched next month is a one of a kind project that will feature syndicated content from Pakistan.

Punit Goenka, managing director and CEO of Zee has stated in interviews that the focus is not solely on Pakistan but Zee is also sourcing content from other countries as well, namely Turkey, Latin America and Egypt.

According to Goenka, what the channel will be aiming at is high quality content which will have cultural relevance to an Indian audience.

This will naturally pose a challenge however for the channel considering indian television viewers are not truly a homogenous crowd, craving everything from the latest shows airing in the USA with a another faction with a desire for entertaining family dramas set in an Indian context.

However, Goenka was quoted as having saying in another interview that fragmenting the viewers is better than getting fragmented themselves. He too however has acknowledged the growing need for diversity in the content being offered to Indian viewers.

Last year in November they released Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is My Family as their corporate brand film. The film attempted to create a international platform that would be aired across all different social media forums.

A venture that allegedly started out as a ‘gut feeling’, hopefully Zindagi will be able to reach an audience that will be able to understand and appreciate its content.