Posted Fri, March 29, 2013 1:45pm IST

In Focus: Aamir Khan’s Dhoom:3 physique!

This picture of Aamir Khan was taken on the sets of his new Godrej ad shoot [Watch it here], in which he plays a woman. Thankfully, in one scene, Aamir appears in a vest as a man – giving us some scope to ogle at his well-toned body! The actor sports this hot physique in his new film Dhoom:3 for which he is still shooting. Aamir plays a negative character in Dhoom:3 and revealed last year that he wanted a body like Brad Pitt‘s for his new project. Wethinks Aamir looks hotter than ol’ Brad here! Do you? (A squeak also to Arjun Mathur, the actor seen behind Aamir.) | ALSO SEE: Aamir Khan, happy birthday: How did Perfectionist Khan become a huge star?