Posted Tue, September 3, 2013 1:48pm IST

In Focus: Shahrukh Khan has a love bite – see pic!

Shahrukh Khan‘s sneeze also makes headline, so when he has a hickey, the web is splashed with the pictures. Yes, SRK had a very visible love mark on his neck (look at pic!). But somehow it seems more like a lipstick mark than a bite of affection. Don’t you think so? But the real question is, who gave it to him? Any guesses? | Photo: Yogen Shah | ALSO SEE: In Focus: Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan get playful!

  • anonym

    is certainly from Plastic Chopra on parting for his Dubai trip

  • Manisha

    that was not as dark as you guys are showing !! Atleast don’t get fake traffic..grow up !!

  • Manisha

    Its photo shopped !!