Posted Thu, January 17, 2013 3:39pm IST

In Focus: Shreya Ghoshal makes it for breakfast in Kolkata

The talented singer catches up with friends for a sumptuous breakfast at a local joint in Kolkata. Park Street, one of Kolkata’s bustling areas, is home to Flurys – a dessert and cake cafe. While Shreya Ghoshal is all for a healthy diet, sinking a teeth into some of the most sinful treats of Flurys is a temptation no one can refuse. Looks like the OMG! Oh My God singer had a jolly time with her dad, Biswajeet Ghoshal and a few friends! She tweeted, “Finally made it to Flury’s breakfast today :) :) here we are right outside. #kolkata. The foodies after the breakfast! @ ParkStreet We all look stuffed don’t we ;) ” Yes, indeed! ALSO SEE: In Focus: Arjun Kapoor holidays with sister in the Maldives!