Posted Mon, June 10, 2013 11:49am IST

Jiah Khan’s six-page suicide note

  • divya

    suraj mst be hanged toooo by police… He is just nothing to her

    • mona

      yes ur right, n he should be

      • ambuan

        While reading her letter, I could sense in fact feel the pain that she was carrying within her. I wish there was someone she could talk with rather than ending her life in an extremely painful way for a filthy good-for-nothing person. Being abused, tortured and losing baby is never ever easy. The guy used her like a garbage – - he should have been made feel like a smelly inside-out garbage (from heart and soul). All I can do is pray that may the young shining star’s soul rest in peace and may she get the deserved justice. ameen.

  • kanchan

    did she say “rape the abuse the torture”?
    poor girl …

  • Nikita

    I feel so disgusted with someone who could just ruin a innocent girls life. All she wanted was LOVE and got nothing in return. I just hope her souls has peace as in this vile world her lover did not support her. Her letter literally made me cry. You never know the misery behind a beautiful smile.
    I hope Jiah get’s justice .

  • Suri

    RIP beautiful Jiah

  • Nivedita Garg

    Why boys dont understand sm1′s feeling..??? after read out it seems tht she did too much f suraj..instead of gvng her full devotion nd loyelity….nd love..he gv her pain and sorrow..!!! if he cant except own baby then….KYA BOL SKTE HAIN….. RIP to jiah and her family….

    • Raj

      We should always think both the sides. If a suicidal note mentioned all about the guy ignoring her why should she be stick in that relationship? She is a great actor. There would be many damn smart guy waiting for her on the other end. We can feel that she had a true love whereas the man could have think the relationship not so seriously. She would have shared everything to her mother not ending herself!
      May her soul rest in peace!!

  • obair

    poor girl all she wanted was love but this is not the way too end things,this shows how weak she was due to this guy. rip

  • smohan

    suraj should be siverely punished for his acts, so that nobody can do it again