Posted Mon, November 11, 2013 11:41am IST

Ram Kapoor, Ankita Lokhande and Sanaya Irani high on starry tantrums!

  • Xyz

    Silly people its sanaya who decide what see need to do and what not.its people like who just always make things bigger that it appear.

  • sid

    you people please leave her alone, everybody has a tantrums,it depend how you face them…LVU Ankita.

  • tulumatin

    Aniketa we like your acting but doesnot mean you can show us your temper because you are only a T.V star.

  • Ashish

    No need even to react to this crap ! Sanaya throwing tantrums . You are totally wrong ! You just need her name to get people to read your articles

  • surbhi

    What CRAP ! Can’t believe Sanaya’s and Rams name here ! Get a life ! You can write anything who cares abt ur trashy gossip!

  • Anonymous

    Agree on sanaya.. saw 2-3 offscreen segments of hers and she came off quite rude and loud. Don’t really know about the rest

  • Sami

    Out of everyone, I am pretty sure Sanaya would be the last person to need an “attitude adjustment”. Maybe the media needs to calm down a bit and let them live their life. Sanaya is one of the most down to earth actresses, despite her popularity. Her fans know so, and believe in her. Maybe it’s the media, which is the problem.

  • Anonymous

    Agree on Sanaya..she called her co-star mental health..she has big attitude problem…looking forward to see her off screen drama of her new show RR

  • Alysha

    I don’t know about other actors but I have seen a couple of Sanaya’s shows and she isnt arrogant. Where do you guys get your info from? She seems like a sweetheart and if she was in the least bit arrogant, I doubt she would have so many fans and so many friends who are always speaking highly of her and her positive attitude.

  • Noreen

    Wonder if BWL has a personal vendetta against celebrities…lol. Leave them alone people! I only know about Ankita and Sanaya and like you said, they are terrific actors so instead of running your mouths off and publishing nonsense in an attempt to ruin their image, why not write about something people would actually be interested in!

  • arshifan

    What nonsense…Sanaya has a personal life and she ain’t public property!
    So don’t expect her to be obligated to you as if you’ve done her a favour by being her fan, its her hard work and excellent acting that has paid off.

    Throwing tantrums??? Get your facts right people!

    Luv u sanaya :)

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like it don’t read it, Bollywood life is kind enough to give us all information about our favourite celebs, instead of scoffing at them we should be thanking them.

  • Maya Persaud

    I am totally agreed with these people Comment. Ram is not like that n neither Ankita. What the Hell “Farhan Kha”n think of her self?????? Is she better than anyone???? She got married in her old age!! What a SHAME!!! Lol. She didn’t accept “ANKITA” for HAPPY NEW YEAR because of ANKITA “shortember” n “Ruined behavior”????? Everyone is like that!! “Even to me! if u dont be like this.., people will take Advantage out of u.”Farhan Khan” is worst than that!! N out of everyone.., she choose “Deepika”over “ANKITA”OMG!!! They couldn’t fine some else other than “Deepika”?????? she is wrost.These Directors n Producers tell them they can do whatever they feel like to do. But they Wrong. U people need to act more Mature n stop blaming these TV Actors!! There are better than those MOVIE ACTORS!!! Movie actors are Disgusting!! n disgrace!!! An this “Farhan Khan”should look at her self before blaming other people!!

  • Richa

    to be honest Sanaya hasnt even started shootoing for her new show and people think she like this because she doesnt lke it when public invade her space which she is totally right on that part because she has her own life to its not always shoot shoot shoot she has family etc
    no need to start silly topics about other actor just because you have nothing else to talk or write about……..
    and tbh your just making these actors more famous :D so i will just think of it as a positive