Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow to become a museum?

But while that was Kaka’s wish, Anita Advani, his love interest of eight years, has other plans

As the nation mourns the demise of the superstar, a murky battle for the Rs 200 crore property that Rajesh Khanna has left behind is brewing.

Reports suggest that Anita Advani, who had been Kaka’s love interest for the past eight years, is now demanding her share of the superstar’s property. According to reports, the lady has been staying at ‘Aashirwad’, Mr Khanna’s property on Carter Road, Bandra, taking care of an ailing Kaka all these years.

And now, after Kaka’s demise, Anita wants to take over the bungalow. But the Khanna family insists that Rajeshji wanted to convert his property into a Rajesh Khanna Museum after his death. Birdies chirp that Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna Saran have been trying to evict Anita from the residence for over a month now.

Anita, who is not convinced about fulfilling this museum wish, has sent a notice to the Khanna family asking them to let her stay put in the house. Reports also suggest that the notice charges Rajesh Khanna with domestic violence.

Stay glued to this space to find out how the case involving Rajesh Khanna’s property unravels.