555 teaser: Bharat looks menacing in Sasi’s action thriller

The story of 555 revolves around its title and took Sasi two years to finish scripting the film

The recently unveiled teaser trailer of 555 or Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu is a slick piece of work. It promises that the movie, directed by Sasi, will be packed with thrills and action, with more than a few elements of mystery. The numbers crossed out on a calendar and a locket with 555 on it hold some keys to the story and certainly arouse the curiosity of the audience. There’s a brief glimpse also of the lead actor, Bharat, who has put in a lot of effort to get a lean, mean look for this movie. The hard work certainly shows and Bharat looks more than a little menacing. Music by Simon also sets the mood in 555.  Chandni and Santhanam too play pivotal roles in the movie.