Ajith’s 3 conditions to work with Gautham Menon!

Thala Ajith seems to have put forward three conditions to the director Gautham Menon before agreeing to work with the ace filmmaker. Find out what are they!

The untitled project of Ajith-Gautham is gathering some serious steam with every passing day. The fans are hooked to the internet to find even the smallest trivia about the movie. Gear up Ajith fans for some juicy scoop on Thala’s 55th film with Gautham Menon.

Apparently the race car fanatic hero, Ajith had agreed to sign the film only after the ace director Menon had agreed upon his three conditions. Bollywoodlife brings you those three conditions put forward by Thala :

“Gautham will not compromise anything for me.”


“In the end, it should be like ‘Ajith has been a part of Gautham Menon’s film’, not any other way”


“Don’t have unnecessary punch lines for me.”


Looking at this conditions one can say that Ajith is fed up of doing commercial mass hero flicks and wants to work as an director’s actor and not as star. Ajith is sporting a new look in the movie which has been kept under wraps. But the little birdie tells us that Ajith will be seen as a 20 year old in the film. Ajith along with two leading ladies Trisha and Anushka Shetty are busy with shooting for Menon’s movie. The insiders revealed the shooting is in full swing as the makers have planned to release the movie this Diwali.

With so much buzz around the movie and Diwali just few months away, one wonders when will the Ajith-Gautham Menon untitled project be named.