ALEX PANDIAN movie review: Too many flaws to count

ALEX PANDIAN movie review: Too many flaws to count

While Kollywood saw nearly half a dozen Pongal releases, all eyes were on Alex Pandian, which was promoted in a big way

A lot was riding on the film as its hero, Karthi Sivakumar, was looking for a change of fortune after the poor show of his previous release, Saguni. Of late, Karthi is being projected as a mass hero and the director of Alex Pandian, Suraj, has taken pains to bolster that image. Karthi is clearly happy to go along.

Karthi and Santhanam form a pretty good team, having already made a mark in Siruthai and Saguni. In Alex Pandian too, the duo dominate the first half and Santhanam, especially packs a punch with his witty dialogues. Anushka Shetty looks her glamorous best and does her bit in the action scenes too.

The director who makes no bones about focusing on action-entertainers, sticks to the same formula and comes up with another formulaic offering. The story isn’t novel or surprising. It is about a convict, who kidnaps the Chief Minister’s daughter for cash. Later, he falls for her and resolves to rescue her from a group that is out to unleash havoc in the State and has diabolical plans. There are a multitude of villains and the film ends with a battle between the protagonist and the baddies. Interestingly, there are as many as eight villains to add to the action quotient.

Devi Sri Prasad’s music has its usual feel and he has come up with some fast-paced numbers similar to those in Singam. Despite the positives, there are flaws that tend to weigh down Alex Pandian. If only Suraj had worked to craft a more interesting tale!

If the movie was an attempt to boost Karthi’s image, it succeeds, but it falls flat on many other counts.

Rating: 2.5 out of 52.5 Star Rating

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  • naveen kumar


    • badu

      ithula nice padam ithuku visham kudithu sagalam ne

  • nash

    This is one of the worst mindless masala movie in recent times.Avoid the movie like the bubonic plague if viewers have an ounce of sanity.

  • Rakesh

    One of the worst movie of the Decade!!
    Its a surprise for me how come Karthi an upcoming Lead Hero accepting such a nonsense scripts and undisgestable flawlfull scenes which even my kid can laugh about it…
    Good movie doesnt need heavy promotions. (Dot)

  • vickey

    mokka padam na idhu tha karthi en ipadi choose panaru avoid suraj

  • ashwin

    Total Damage in PVR Cinemas Bangalore are as follows.

    3 Tickets each @ 290 – 870
    Convenience fee – 95
    Service Tax – 9.27
    Popcorn samosa pepsi – 180
    bribe to police – 200

    TotalWaste – 1354/-

    Yaarum Pohanthinga Venam Varutha paduvinga.

  • Vids

    Just giv 0.5 since they used santhanam .. Cheap and dirty…. Slap yourself before you start thinking about watching yourself….I slapped myself while and after watching for wasting time and money

  • Vids

    Worst of the worst… Even comedy is very very cheap…. It’s a dirty movie overall…. 1st scene train is not moving while anushka runs on the top but the back grand music continuous … Do the director thinks that the fans wr fools…. After dark night rises I felt bad for wasting time and money… Santhanam is the only thing in this movie to stay but this is a black mark movie in his path…. Cheap comedy with 3 girls…. Double meaning to the core….can’t rate this maximum .5 for santhanam acting