All’s not well between Kannada stars Yash and Ramya

A cold war has been brewing between Sandalwood stars Yash and Ramya ever since they began working together, but the media witnessed the sparks at the music release of their film Lucky

There was news that the two couldn’t gel with each other on the sets of Lucky due to attitude issues. But the Kannada actors brought their personal differences on a public platform and unabashedly took a dig at each other.In her speech, Ramya lauded the efforts of Yash in the movie but said that his attitude was the same as that of actor Sudeep, which irked Yash instantly. “Yash, like Sudeep, gets involved with every shot, saying ‘let’s do this, let’s do that’ and all,” said Ramya.

In his speech, Yash retorted thus, “I am not a born actor like Ramya. Even though she is at her mobile phone for more than two hours at a stretch, and that too when the shot is ready, Ramya gives perfect shots without any rehearsal. But I do a lot of rehearsal for the improvisation of the scene,” said Yash.