Allu Arjun working hard for Rudhramadevi!

The Badrinath actor has been spending a lot of time in Mumbai. Read on to know the full goss

A little birdie tells us that Allu Arjun has been spending a lot of time in Mumbai lately. No, he doesn’t have any plans to move to Mumbai, but is spending time over there as he is training for his role as the 13th century Kakatiya chieftain, Gona Ganna Reddy in his upcoming film Rudhramadevi. The actor is getting trained in sword fighting, horse riding and such other programs that’d benefit his role. What more, he has even been a part of some weight reduction program to attain a new look for his film.

A source said, “Bunny is really kicked about playing Gona Ganna Reddy and is giving everything for the role. His cameo will make a huge impact on the film, since his role is strongly written. He’s been receiving training in sword fighting, horse riding and other activities to suit the character and is looking forward to shooting.”

Allu Arjun will begin shooting for Rudhramadevi in Hyderabad soon. Keep watching this space for more updates on the film.