Amala Akkineni praises Saivam

The actor thinks that the film is eligible for tax exemption

Actor-turned-animal activist Amala Akkineni, wife of Telugu superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna, recently saw Tamil drama Saivam at a private screening and heaped praise on the makers. She said the movie on animal welfare is “eligible for tax exemption”.

Directed and produced by Vijay, Saivam explores the relationship between child artiste Sara Arjun and a rooster.

Praising Saivam, she said: “It is a beautiful film and considering the value of the animal welfare message in the film and the cultural relevance, it’s eligible for tax exemption.”

“The film will be a lesson to the future generations on culture and animal welfare. My special congrats to the cast and crew of the film,” she said in a statement.


The film, which is slated to release June 27, also features Nassar, Twaraa, Luthfudeen Baashaa, Kausalya and Ravi in important roles.