Amala Paul has no dates for ‘Boologam’

The hunt for a gorgeous female lead in Boologam ended when the makers settled for Amala Paul. The southern sultry now has declined the offer

The makers of the Tamil film Boologam is in search for a heroine to play the lead opposite Jayam Ravi. Till about three days back it was settled that Amala Paul who was last seen in Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal would take up the role but the act backed out siting date issues.Debutant director, Kalyan Krishnan who earlier worked with SP Jananathan will be helming this project. The director was keen to have Amala play the lead role. The director has earlier assisted Jananathan in his films. Boologam is an action adventure and will have Jayam playing a professional kick-boxer. Apparently, Amala was very excited to do the film when Krishnan narrated the story to her. But due to prior commitments the Mynaah girl couldn’t take up the role.

So the makers continue their search for a new lead and promise to rope in a leading actor for the part. The director said that the announcement on the final casts will be made soon.

With inputs from India Syndicate