AR Rahman delivers deeply moving Karnamotcham for Kaaviya Thalaivan!

The film’s music is expected to be released on first week of August

After making us go wow with Kaaviya Thalaivan‘s single track Vaanga Makka Vaanga, AR Rahman is back with a soul wrenching song from the film. Karnamotcham from Kaaviya Thalaivan is based on Arjun’s plea to Lord Krishna to stop the war, with the riveting score from AR Rahman.

AR Rahman tweeted,” Here is a small preview of the Kaaviya Thalaivan song where Arjuna sings “Stop the war” to Krishna…Karnamotcham is written by Pa Vijay and sung by Mukesh “.

The song is extremely melodious with meaningful lyrics from Pa Vijay, crooned amazingly by Mukesh. The Mozart of Madras uses the orchestration in such a way that you will feel goosebumps, with emotions rushing from all corners. Kaaviya Thalaivan has 20 songs composed by AR Rahman and the music is expected to be out by first week of August. After being blown away by Vaanga Makka Vaanga and now Karnamotcham, Kaaviya Thalaivan soundtrack seems to be gold dust from Rahman.

Listen to the profoundly moving Karnamotcham from Kaaviya Thalaivan