Asmita Sood: Varun Sandesh is just a friend

The pretty lady has denied that she is the reason for Varun’s breakup with Shraddha Das

It seems Lady Luck has disowned Varun Sandesh. After the drug scandal, Varun now finds himself embroiled in another one – with Asmita Sood. Rumours about the intimate nature of their relationship have been doing the rounds for some time now. In fact there was a strong buzz that the young Brahmigadi Katha stars got real ‘intimate’ at Allu Arjun’s lavish bachelor’s party at Rama Naidu Studios on February 27. These reports were also considered the main cause for the break up between Varun and his long time girlfriend, Shraddha Das.

But in a new interview Asmita claims that the only relationship between her and Varun is that of friendship. “He is just a good friend and nothing more. We met at that party, but the rest of the allegations are false. I am not having an affair with Varun,” she said. When probed about his break up, she said, “Firstly, I never knew they were seeing each other. I can’t be blamed if things are blown out of proportion and one false rumour drives a wedge between two mature individuals.”

But the actor supported him in the alleged drug case.”I don’t think he could be doing drugs… He’s well-educated and a sensible youngster. I don’t know much about his personal life since we just shared a professional relationship. But even in the little time I spent with him, I couldn’t suspect any such habit,” she said.

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