Spot Rajinikanth if you can!

He might be sitting next to you at a restaurant, in disguise!

Even his fans know that superstar Rajinikanth can’t try out different guises on screen without being recognised, since he simply cannot do away with his mannerisms. But in real life, Rajini is the master of disguise. Don’t be surprised if you see his ‘lookalike’ sitting at a table next to you at the wayside teashop. It could be the superstar himself!

There have been reports of Rajini-spotting at Kalahasti and Tirupathi. Though his fans might view this as paranormal outings of their mighty Thalaivar (leader), the truth is that Rajini is one down-to-earth bloke, who prefers not to miss out on normal life.

It’s an everyday thing for the superstar to be mobbed whenever he goes out on official visits. Being ‘in and as’ Rajinikanth also has its share of grave security concerns. All this makes it nearly impossible for the actor to visit public places or even take a stroll down the street. But Rajini is the last one to accept defeat.

Even at the height of superstardom he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He is still close to his childhood buddies, from his bus conductor days in BMTC. But How does he manage the double life?

They say anything’s possible for the Thalapathi (commander). He visits friends disguised as an ordinary man. He goes to all the local joints with his old gang and relives the old days, chilling out at local motels and having a blast.

And Rajinikanth’s alias on such retro trips: his real name, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad!