Darshan and Nikita reunite

Darshan and Nikita, whose tryst with cupid ignited fireworks in real life, is once again teaming up, this time in reel life

South actors, Darshan and Nikita will soon be seen together in their upcoming flick, Sangolli Rayanna.And rest assured, the film will be boasting about steamy scenes between Sandalwood’s controversial actors. Darshan returns to face the camera after a jail stint following charges of beating up his wife. The issue, some say, came to a flashpoint due to his alleged liaison with Nikita. The shoot will begin next week and industry is keenly watching how the screen chemistry will unfurl when Darshan meets Nikita. “It will be a tough test for Nikita and Darshan as professionals. The very thought of standing in front of your former flame and shooting romantic scenes is enough to make you feel uncomfortable,” said a crew member of Sangolli Rayanna. Crew members from previous movies of the hit Darshan-Nikita pair recall how both the actors spent time together – on and off the sets. Now, their line readers, make-up artistes and their co-stars, who would often joke about how both Darshan and Nikita make a good pair, would be hesitant to talk to them. Wary of the stars’ strained real life woes, producers of the movie are literally invoking the gods for peaceful completion of the shoot.  “They are offering prayers at various temples, hoping all goes well on the sets. The pair has been a hit for years and this is why everyone wants to cast them. Now, we are wondering if their on-screen chemistry will work or not, particularly following the ugly scenes that unfolded in the past one month,” said a leading producer requesting anonymity. May God bless the producers more than anyone else connected to the movie.

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