DENIKAINA READY movie review: Cliched yet entertaining!

If you have an appetite for cliched, brainless comedy then Vishnu Manchu’s Telugu film Denikaina Ready is not to be missed at any cost

From the director of highly successful comedy entertainers such as Seema Shastry and Seema Tapakai, comes yet another non-stop comical treat with a story that’s been milked dry over the years.Vishnu plays Sulaiman aka Krishna Shastry, who’s the doting son of Basha and Rajeswari. The marriage between Basha and Rajeswari paved way to rivalry between the two families which continues till Sulaiman decides to take control of the situation. Cut to next scene, we have Vishnu donning the role of Krishna Shastry, who with his new chosen identity enters the house of his uncle Narsimha Naidu. As Krishna, Vishnu woos his uncle’s daughter, played by Hansika, to reunite the families.

All those who’ve watched Seema Shastry, would find the premise of Denikaina Ready to be similar. It’s evident that the film lacks novelty, but luckily the path the director has chosen works for him and the film as well. Along the lines of his previous films, director Nageswara Reddy doesn’t compromise on comedy in the film. Brahmanandam-Vishnu combo, which was last seen in Dhee, doubles the comedy quotient and entertains throughout.

Brahmanandam’s full-length comedy role is the film’s biggest asset and it undeniably impresses one and all. Vishnu shines in his role and breathes life into his character with electrifying dance moves and good comic timing, while Hansika pours her heart into a character that screams glamour. Brahmanandam and his legion of comedians carry the film on their shoulders and walk down the victorious path. It’s very likely that Denikaina Ready will be a box-office hit, but it will also be regarded as one of the films that didn’t have any impact on the audience.

The film, a remake a Malayalam film Udhayapuram Sultan, works exclusively for wholesome entertainment. If you attempt to dig out anything of value from the film, then unfortunately you’re efforts will be worthless.