Dense green forests were sets for Netru Indru!

The debutant director recounts his experiences and challenges while shooting in forests for Netru Indru

Debutant director Padma Magan, who shot his upcoming Tamil action adventure Netru Indru mostly in remote forests in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, says the experience was like a green journey amidst rocks and ravines.

“This film is a green journey in my life amidst rocks and ravines and isolated forests with no human approach. We were in a dense jungle fearing for anything that moves and we managed to conduct our shooting smoothly,” Magan told IANS.

“We travelled over a hundred kilometer to shoot everyday because it was unsafe to rest in the forest at night. While some of us were shooting, others were constantly on the lookout for threats from dangerous animals,” he added.

Besides Tamil Nadu and Kerala, portions of the film were also shot in Pondicherry.

Netru Indru, which is gearing up for release in June, features Prasanna Venkatesan, Vimal, Richard Rishi, Arundhati and Manochitra in important roles.