Dharma Teja: We are waiting for monsoons, have to shoot scenes in the rain

Filmmaker Dharma Teja who is set to present his next film titled Hora Hori, states that he along with his team members is waiting for the monsoons to start in order to shoot some scenes in the real rains 

“We’ll start shooting soon. However, we are looking forward to the monsoons as we’ve planned to shoot some scenes in real rain. We could do it with artificial rain but I feel that wouldn’t make it look authentic,” Teja told a popular news portal.

“The story is set against the backdrop of monsoons. Therefore, it makes sense to shoot scenes during real monsoons, when rain is pouring heavily,” he added.

Teja is known for introducing fresh talent and he continues the tradition with Hora Hori as well. In the film, he has introduced newcomer Dilip.

Meanwhile, Teja is expected to team up with actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan.

“The project with Kamal is on. It might not happen this year as he’s busy with multiple films but it will definitely happen next year,” he said.