Diganth: I am innocent!

Kannada actor Diganth, who was charged in an accident case by the Shivajinagar Police in Bangalore, has claimed that he is innocent and has been blamed just because he is a celebrity

On Saturday night, Diganth’s car hit a motorcycle rider while reversing. The accident occurred within the Shivajinagar police station area. Though there were no casualties, the person has filed a complaint against Diganth at the police station. Diganth says it was not he, but his driver who was at the wheel and he has been falsely implicated in the case.

“My driver was reversing the car and we were moving very slowly. But a person came from behind and his bike was accidentally hit. The bike, as well as my car was damaged in the accident. I asked him whether I should pay him for the damages, but the person left the scene saying it was not necessary, and it was a minor damage. However, he started sending me  messages saying that if I did not pay him, he would lodge a complaint. I did not succumb to the threats and later heard that he’d filed a complaint against me and the police have filed an FIR. I would easily have paid for the damages, but the fellow threatened me. That’s why I did not heed into his demands,” said Diganth. The actor is confident that the matter will be resolved soon.


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