Drushyam review: Venkatesh’s performance and intriguing plot compensates for film’s flaws!

The story line is the true hero of the film making it one of a kind

There is a saying in cine world. Story is the king. But sadly, majority of our films lack a good story to engage the audience and relies heavily on superstars to pull off the film to box office success. Drushyam is that one film which stands out from the crowd due to its gripping screenplay and some fine performances from all the actors. So what’s the film about?

What’s it about:

Drushyam tells a tale of a happy family leading a peaceful life in a small village town. DagubattiVenkatesh plays Rambabu, the head of the family, who runs a cable TV and is huge movie buff. He spends most of his time watching films at his office. Meena plays his loving wife. The problem arises when a spoilt rich kid, son of IG, takes a video of Rambabu’s eldest daughter in the bathroom through hidden camera. In a shocking turn of events, IG’s son is killed by Rambabu’s family  , when he tries to blackmail them with the video. How Venkatesh aka Rambabu saves his family from wrath of our judiciary system forms the rest of the story.

What’s good:

The film is story oriented and does not treat Venkatesh as big star.The nail-bitingly taut screenplay seems to be the real hero as the film progresses into its second half. Full marks to makers for their bold move to trying out a different story line than the regular masala stuff. It is also interesting to see how our protagonist takes cues from the films in order to fool the police. Venkatesh delivers a fine performance as he makes us believe that he is just a father who wants to save his family and not some star. He stands out in comic as well as intense scenes. Meena plays her part to perfection as a doting mother, who is petrified by the impeding doom faced by her family. Both the actors playing Venkatesh’s daughters have given top notch performance. Nadhiya fits the bill as a tough cop yet a worried mother.


What’s bad: 

The film is way too long and feels like stretched rubber by the time climax arrives. The direction is a bit inexperienced and the production values seem low giving it a TV serial feel at times. The emotional sequence involving Venkatesh and Nadhiya could have been avoided. The first 30 minutes of the film add little to the film as the light family banter comes of as a bore. But it pays off rich dividends once  you have endured first 30 minutes. The background score is to loud in most off the occasions proving to be hindrance in the film. The film takes lot of cinematic liberties but I guess they can be forgiven.

What to do:

The film proves that to make a compelling film, you don’t need stars, big budget, high end CGI graphics or a Hollywood doomsday story. A film set in a village can  leave more impact than you could possibly think. Watch Drushyam not just for Venkatesh, but for the fresh story and tight screenplay.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Subramanian Harikumar

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

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