Dulquar Salman: Dad’s goodwill gave me a headstart

Second Show, the debut film of Mammootty’s son Dulquar Salman, has hit the theatres and the newcomer says his father’s goodwill has given him a head start, but admits that he will have to work hard to carve a niche for himself

“Without doubt, his (Mammootty) goodwill has given me a head start. I know very well now that I will have to work hard because that is the only thing that will keep going forward,” said Dulquar.A graduate from US, Dulquar has been busy managing his father’s money matters before launching into acting. He is currently shooting for his second film, Ustad Hotel. “I was getting a few offers and I took the plunge after a lot of thinking. I felt I should try my luck and I am extremely happy that I decided to act as lots of offers are coming my way,” said the south actor.

When asked whether his father has seen his debut film, he replied in the affirmative, adding: “Normally my father doesn’t say much.” This is true as the superstar has refused to comment on his son’s film! “My biggest advantage is that if I have doubts, I have my father to fall back on. And while working on my debut film, I often sought his advice,” said Dulquar. The actor wished to work with his father sometime and agrees that he has to go a long way before he gets such an opportunity. The actor, who got married to A Sufia last December, said, “Language is a barrier for Sufia but half the problem is sorted out because she lives with my parents and they like her a lot. We have also learned to adjust to the fact that we can’t spend a lot of time together because of my acting commitments.”