Fans Verdict: Pawan Kalyan should win Filmfare Best Actor ahead of Mahesh Babu!

Fans Verdict: Pawan Kalyan should win Filmfare Best Actor ahead of Mahesh Babu!

We asked Bollywoodlifers who they think will win the Best Actor Award in Telugu. Here’s what they had to say!

When the 61st Filmfare nominations were announced, we pitted the five nominees in the race to Best Actor Award in Telugu. Now the day of reckoning has arrived as 61st Filmfare Awards South is held tonight at Chennai. On the wake of award ceremony, we tell you which of the five terrific heroes have best chance of winning according to the fans.

Out 0f 1293 votes we received,   its power star Pawan Kalyan who rules the roost as he forges ahead of his fellow competitors with 574 votes comprising 44% of the votes. Attarantinki Daredi star is closely followed by superstar Mahesh Babu, who has been nominated for  his performance in Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, with 406 votes comprising 31% of the votes. Rebel star Prabhas and Ram Charan Teja finished third and fourth with 13% and 11% of the votes respectively, where as Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde actor Nithin got only 1% percent of the votes.

So will the jury agree with the fans and award Pawan Kalyan as Best Actor. Or are we in for some surprise tonight? We will have to wait and watch.

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  • Nani RocKing

    powerstars craze is unmatchable in fan following., We dont need awards., give them to dat amul baby

  • Abhi Says

    Yes Powerstar dont need awards..He need more wives..Hope he gets his 4th very soon…No one can beat Powerstar in that…This is #Pawanism

  • Kingofkings

    AD collected double the amount of the best actor’s movie. that’s prove the stamina and craze of powerstar….

  • Abhi Says

    This is what you kids need to understand…Jury wont see Collections and craze of any actor..Performance matters the most..Mahesh outperfomed Pawan and got the award. Pawan gave his best perfomance only in climax. But Mahesh gave his best performance throughout the movie and that made him in deserving the best actor award. As per me if Mahesh got 99%, Pawan got 98%…Thats the difference..Now stop arguing on this..Next time Pawan may get the award..So dont cry on this.

  • rahul

    mahesh babu is the best…………..

    • rahul

      Powerstar ki poti ladu..poti raalaru..he does not need awards..

      • Pawan

        Let them take the awards otherwise they won’t feel like actors

  • ramesh


  • ramesh

    charan is suitable for this award

  • Ram’s Gujjala

    pawan kalyan