Flora Saini wants to donate her hot bod!

She has already pledged her eyes

Remember Flora Saini? She is the same girl who made a disastrous entry in Bollywood with Love In Nepal, Sonu Nigaam’s acting debut. She then moved to work in the south film industries. She reinvented herself as an item girl and now is set to re-enter Bollywood with Ya Rab. But before she does that, Flora has geared up to donate that hot body to those in need. Flora has already pledged to donate her eyes. Says Flora, “We take sight for granted, while there are millions of people who have to forego the pleasure of witnessing the beauty around us for no fault of theirs. Once I am gone, I want my eyes to live on, in someone else. This will be my legacy. I am waiting for some government agency or recognised NGO to help me in pledging my other organs.”

Meanwhile, she is also waiting for Ya Rab to release. The film has been directed by Hasnanin Hydrabadwala, who had earlier helmed the Emraan Hashmi-starrer The Train. With several south female actors doing well in Bollywood nowadays, maybe Flora’s second innings will prove to be better than her first. Let’s wait and watch.

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