GABBAR SINGH movie review: Pawan Kalyan hits the bull’s eye

GABBAR SINGH movie review: Pawan Kalyan hits the bull’s eye

Gabbar Singh is the Telugu remake of Salman Khan-starrer hit Hindi movie Dabbang. If Dabangg boosted Salman’s career, it seems Gabbar Singh will bring Pawan Kalyan to the centrestage, thanks to the commercial elements in the movie

Pawan’s last few films – Teen Maar, Komaram Puli and Panjaa – were box office duds, but this film will be liked by his fans.Pawan has one of the the largest fan following on Orkut and he also has a strong mass following. Harish Shankar has made sure that he pleases both, the educated and the mass audiences by packaging the movie well. The South actor’s energy level, dialogue delivery and comedy timings are top class throughout the film. Gabbar Singh is a Pawan centric film, just like Dabbang, which was centred around the charisma of Salman.

Shankar, who was a big fan of Pawan in his college days, has incorporated all the elements that fans want to see in the actor’s film. Stylish fight and dance scenes by Pawan will surely be enjoyed by his fans. On the flip side, the emotional aspect, which was in focus in the Hindi film, has been completely neglected in the Telugu remake. And the much publicised Keka, keka picturised on Malaika Arora is not a patch on the hit item song Munni badnam hui.

Venkata Rathna Naidu is a good looking young guy who doesn’t give two hoots to anyone. After becoming a police officer, Venkat returns to his village Kondaveeti, where he lives with his parents and younger brother who is a spoiltbrat. He confronts local goon and politician Siddappa Naidu who has created a fear in the town along with his uncle. Meanwhile he falls in love with Bhagyalakshmi whose alcoholic father creates a lot of problems for her. Siddappa uses Gabbar Singh’s younger brother to settle some political disputes. How Gabbar Singh stops Siddappa and marries Bhagyalakshmi forms the rest of the story.

Gabbar Singh ends with “Pawanism” and nothing else and fans would like it to the hilt. It is unfortunate that Shruti‘s looks and Abhimanyu’s dynamic performance are overshadowed by Pawan’s overbearing presence. Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Thanikella and Ajay look convincing in their respective roles. Brahmanandam and Ali’s comedy sequences are hilarious.

Senior artists like Suhasini and Nagineedu do not get enough scope to perform. Devisri Prasad’s music and good lyrics jazz up the film. Jayanth Vincent is fabulous behind the camera.  But frankly speaking nothing else matters in Gabbar Singh except Pawan. If you are a Pawan fan, you will immensely like it. Otherwise also it is a good entertainer. Watch it.

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  • purna

    kevu kekha

    • RAMU


      • PS PK

        pawan kalyan is a real hero in both reel and real life. about GS movie kevvu keka. one more important thing he is uncomparable, unmatchable, undisputed actor in the telugu film industry / south india….are aa action chudu, aa style chudu ababababa. all so called leading actors of tollywood kallu nakalasinde pawan kalyan di.

        • kvr

          keka anna edhe anna charithra rasukovali anna i love u anna

        • raju

          Hi dude sorry to interrupt u iam neither pawan kalyan fan nor ballaya nor mahesh…. N more over i hate balakrishna even more… But how pawan kalyan is great? He may be gud actor… Yes so undoubtedly!!! But wat if he is really great? Is he of any use to people here…. By giving importance to others we r always going DOWN not up!!! The more we r pushing him da more we r goin down. Even in real life he along wid chiranjeevi lost in politics…. Wen we loose something we call it corrupt… So pawan kalyan calls POLITICS corrupt because he lost at starting only and fans will say he is genuine and royal so he lost??? Wat if he is royal and good? Society is producing hundreds of tigers and lions and he is one of the many! If same pawan kalyan is powerful tel him to become atleast low level politician first then talk…. His komram puli is about IPS and tis is another police…. Akkada mahesh gadi ki paniledu POLICE emi police li marustara??? Leda insoire chestara??? Mana sangati chuskundam vadini galli lo telamanu….

  • mrperfect

    Wosrt movie and please don’t give wrong reviews and have people watch the worst films like this..waste of money and time..

    • naresh

      hey mr.imperfect.. (thts suits u..)
      did u c da movie…? k.. frst of all.. wr r u frm..? do u knw hw to watch da movie….??? think before comment.. U idiot…..!!!

      • Sagar

        Well said mr naresh. That suits tat imperfect fello….

    • venkatesh

      orey naresh ga. Neevu manishava balakrishnava. Balakrishna cinema chuse vallukuda cinema hit ani cheputhunnaru. Nuvvu balakrishnavi. Leka pothe manishivi kaadhu ….pandhivi

    • PPK

      Mental Baligadi fanaukunta!!!

    • Girish

      Asalu nuvvu cinema choosav ra kukka s***a ga,kompa theesi nuv baligadi fanva? vadi fan aithey neeku manushulu cinemalu nachavle.nuvvu asalu right hand tho thintunnava leka left hand tho thintunnav ra? u better go to veteran(animals) doctor,they will give nice medicines.GET WELL SOON.nuvvu nee commentni choosthunte navvu vasthundhra yerri pu*********aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • praveen

        power star rockz…….kevvu keka

    • RAMU


    • kvr

      lanjakodaka mee nayana money isthunada ra lambdi kodaka

      • kvr

        this reply for mrperfect lanja kodaka nee amma nuvva perfect neeku cinema gurunchi telusa leka neevu balakushti gani fanva lanja kodaka,,, nee amma once again

  • RAMU


  • Ramesh g

    Super pawan u rocks

  • Avinash

    this is movie is really waste but the songs are superb due to devi sri prasad

  • raghubabu

    Gabbersingh move is verygood songs and comedy.

  • eshwarkhan

    i am big fan of pawan kalyan i love powerstar

    i like film