Gouravam movie review: A pointed, poignant film about honour killings

Gouravam movie review: A pointed, poignant film about honour killings

The Prakash Raj-Radha Mohan duo has made it a habit to come up with quality movies, and they’ve kept that going with Gouravam

Gouravam marks the acting debut of Sirish, brother of Tollywood star Allu Arjun, and also features Vicky Donor girl Yami Gautham.

Diverging from their sentiment-based stories, this time it is a film that touches upon a sensitive subject – honour killings. Director Radha Mohan sends out a message of an issue that taints a large part of rural India. His touch is evident in the way the story is handled and there is also some romance and sentiment involved, which makes it a wholesome package.

The story goes like this: Arjun (Sirish) comes to a village called T Vellanoor, looking for his friend and college-mate Shanmugham, who is reported missing. He seeks the help of an advocate Yazhini (Yami Gautham), daughter of Nasser, and a friend (Sri Charan).

After landing in the village, Arjun manages to find out that there is something amiss with regard to Shanmugham’s disappearance. He belongs to a lower caste and had loved a girl, whose father, Pasupathy (Prakash Raj), is an affluent and influential man in society.

Arjun is threatened by Prakash Raj’s son when he tries to track down the lover couple. Subsequently, it emerges that the couple have been murdered. The protagonist goes ahead to find the reason behind the killing and learns that it is an honour killing; the lovers were murdered by the girl’s brother and the powerful Pasupathy hushes up the matter. What happens later forms the rest of Gouravam.

Sirish’s maiden attempt at facing the camera is commendable and he shows a lot of promise, while Yami looks pretty, but doesn’t have much to do.

Thaman’s music matches the movie’s mood, while the presence of veterans Prakash Raj and Nasser adds value to the product. Radha Mohan is a man who puts a premium on quality, allowing it to even override commercial considerations. He’s certainly come up with another winner in Gouravam.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

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  • Pavan

    lot of expectations
    But got high disappointment
    this is not a good story to introduce Jr.Allu Ramalingaya
    But his expressions is really awesome
    Heroin and music and screen play is the biggest draw back