Haridas movie review: Kishore is competent in this cop story with a difference

Cop stories more often than not turn out to be violent affairs with the focus on action. But Haridas by GNR Kumaravelan comes with a difference. It is about a man – an encounter specialist – who also brings up an autistic son

It is a testing role for Kishore in Haridas, who came to the fore in the Dhanush-starrer Polladhavan and has gone places since then. He fits the role of a police officer very well and carries the movie competently. Sneha shows her acting prowess in ample measure in a dignified role as a teacher of special children, while the young lad Prithivraj Das as Kishore’s son takes a huge chunk of the credit.

The protagonist Sivadas (Kishore) is an encounter specialist, who is respected by his colleagues and is hot on the trail of a mercenary (Pradeep Rawat). Meanwhile, he brings his son Hari (Prthiviraj) to Chennai from a village where he has been growing up. What follows is the hardships faced by Sivadas in bringing up his son while balancing it with his professional responsibilities. He is helped in this cause by a doctor (Yugi Sethu) and the teacher Amudhavalli (Sneha). How successful Sivadas is in integrating his autistic son with the mainstream forms the rest of the movie.

Kumaravelan should be credited for taking up a sensitive story and handling it with a lot of deftness. The camerawork by Rathnavelu adds value to the film. There is some lag in the screenplay, especially in the second half. But that’s no dampener for Haridas, which is an honest and straight-forward attempt at telling a sensitive story.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

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