Has Vijay asked Amala Paul to quit films post marriage?

It’s wedding bells for Amala and Vijay soon and the former will then be quitting filmdom. Find out why

We are sure that by now you have heard that Amala Paul and Vijay will be tying the knot soon. We’d also told you that Amala will be quitting films post her wedding. So is this her decision alone or has Vijay asked her to quit film? Well, Amala says, “I have no plans to act after marriage. Family will be my first priority after the wedding. Post marriage, if any exciting offer comes my way, I might think about it. Right now, I am excited about my wedding arrangements and I am very happy in the current phase of my life. I am currently working on only one Malayalam film, which is titled Mili. I have not signed on any new projects now.”

What more. She even rubbishes reports about her being confused about the decision to get married. She told a popular daily, “I am not confused at all about the decision. Nobody forced me to take this decision to tie the knot. I wholeheartedly took this decision and I am very determined about it.”

And what does Amala’s soon-to-be hubby Vijay have to say about Amala’s decision to quit films? He says, “I feel that Amala knows her priorities well and is clear about her post wedding plans. On this happy occasion, we need only blessings and wishes and don’t want any controversies about our wedding.”

Well, our best wishes are with these lovebirds who will soon be united in holy matrimony. Keep watching this space to know everything about Amala and Vijay’s wedding.