Hottie Ileana with Venkatesh in fantasy flick

The sultry actor

Tollywood hottie Ileana is gearing up to play the female lead opposite Victory Venkatesh in his next venture, which will be a socio-fantasy flick directed by Dasarath. The sultry Goan will be playing a ‘Deva Kanya’ in the film that may also see Prakash Raj essay the role of Brahma.

In the past, Venky has had success with fantasy flicks such as Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya and Devi Putrudu. There is a hunch that this may be the costliest film in Venky’s career. Ileana, on the other hand, has been part of many costly projects but is currently struggling to stay afloat, after three consecutive box office disasters.

Maybe, this project is her way at getting divine help in the form of Lord Brahma, the creator!

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