Irked Prem to quit Sandalwood?

Apparently the miffed Jogayya director is now headed to Tollywood or Bollywood

The ace director is upset about the negative reactions his directorial venture Jogayya is garnering these days and is seriously thinking about moving to Telugu or Hindi film industry to direct films there. “I am terribly upset about some people criticising me for Jogayya. I had really worked very hard for that film. It was Shivarajkumar’s 100th film and I have done my best. These people don’t understand the value of creativity and hard work. If I had done the same work elsewhere, I would have really been appreciated. That’s why I am thinking about moving to Telugu or Hindi film industries and direct films there,” says Prem. He adds that, “He is not really responsible if the theatres are not well equipped for 3D films. “Many are abusing me that my promise to present Jogayya in 3D was a mere publicity stunt. It’s not true. If the film was released late, it is because of the 3D version. I wanted to do something different and I have presented the 3D version as per the promise. But why should I be held responsible if the theatres are not well equipped.” Talking about the first week collections of Jogayya, “Though the film has garnered mixed opinions, it is quite a hit at the box-office. It has managed to collect nearly Rs.5 crores in the first week itself. The film industry and the cinegoers should really appreciate me for making such an attempt. Instead, everybody is pulling my leg for the past one week. I am really fed up of all these things,” he concluded.