It’s samba time for Simbu!

Silambarasan’s next film will be shot in Brazil

Kollywood filmmakers have always been big fans of foreign locales. They shot song sequences abroad and returned home to complete the rest of the drama on home territory. This routine has now been turned on its head as scripts are being written with a foreign city as the backdrop with directors only visiting Tamil Nadu to shoot songs for flashback sequences.

The latest star who will be a part of this trend is Silambarasan, who has flown to Brazil to shoot for his Vettai Mannan. Director Nelson says the second half of the story pans out in Brazil. Fortunately, viewers will get to see the mandatory dose of Tamil Nadu in the first half.

Brazil has been one of Hollywood’s most favoured locations. The first Indian movie to be shot in Brazil was Dhoom 2. With lavishly mounted action sequences, Vettai Mannan may well be Kollywood’s answer to the Yash Raj Films’ 2008 hit. Silambarasan is reportedly performing his own stunts in the film that has Jai playing a key role. Deeksha Seth is paired opposite Simbu.