Kaaviya Thalaivan music review: Get drenched in the musical rain of AR Rahman!

Kaaviya Thalaivan music review: Get drenched in the musical rain of AR Rahman!

Music: AR Rahman

Lyrics: Vaalee, Na Muthukumar, Pa Vijay, Arunagirinathar

Singers: Haricharan, Dr Narayanan, Shashaa Tirupati, Shwetha Mohan, Srinivas, Mukesh, Vaani Jayaram, Bela Shende

Kaaviya Thalaivan starring Siddharth, Prithiviraj and Vedika has been making headlines for quite sometime, all thanks to its unique subject and AR Rahman’s musical association with it. After a colourful teaser and intriguing behind-the-scenes video, the most awaited album of the year has finally hit the stores and the world is eager to know what the Mozart of Madras has in store with Kaaviya Thalaivan. So lets get going!

Vaanga Makka Vaanga

A blissful piece by Rahman . Though Carnatic music is not everybody’s cup of tea, The Jai Ho singer has scored it such that it will set any music lovers heart racing. The song that is rich in Indian Carnatic instruments like Nadaswaram, Veena and Thavil, transports you to the corridors of old world theatres. Haricharan’s vocals are divine adding to the song’s perfection. The fast paced song will have you foot tapping and finger snapping.

Aye Mr Minor

Aye Mr Minor is a typical nostalgic throwback to the romantic duets of the 60’s. The song has a typical jazzy feel to it. Aye Mr Minor could well be a treat for singer Shashaa Tirupati, as she gets to play with the words showcasing her vocal prowess. The lyrics are easy on the ears and the use of conga is quite enjoyable. The way the interludes have been done akin to the yesteryear era and make for a nice ode.


Yaarumilla is a delightful melody set to the instrumentation of neatly arranged table, flute and harmoniums. Singer Shwetha Mohan delivers a perfect romantic number with lot of panache. The lyrics that sound odd in the first instance turn out to be a letter being sung to the tune. It is one of those Rahman songs that grows on you, every time you listen. So get ready to play Yaarumilla on a never ending loop in your music player.

Sandi Kuthirai

Sandi Kuthirai is a peppy, dance number that has a 60′s feel to it, right along the lines of Viswanathan Velai Vendum. The track simply oozes fun and the typical rock ‘n’ roll genre is brought back alive with some lively singing by Haricharan and by some jazz arrangements.


Sollividu Sollividu

Sollividu might be the only low point in this album, not because the song isn’t interesting enough, but because the lyrics take precedence over music. The song stands out with Pa Vijay’s lyrics and might fail to impress the modern day listeners.The song shifts tone halfway through and the context of the song appears to have been placed in a Mahabharatha backdrop involving Arjuna & Krishna.



Vaani Jayaram is back! And how? With a soulful rendition of an excerpt fromThiruppugazh. This number is just a short, prayer song accompanied by mild instrumentation, just around two minutes. And Vaani Jayaram is sounding just like she did in her golden days!

Alli Arjuna

This  10:28 minutes song  encapsulates 8 short tracks.The initial Gettimelam begins with Vandhanam Vandhanam after which the song gets ready to unleash itself. Yaadhavanam is more of a lyric utterance show depicting Alli-Arjuna’s love story. Alli Varugiral which follows next is relatively peppy and fun to sing along. The song shifts course for a sobered Priyasakhiye where the female voice by Bela Shende gets an introduction. Kanna Kanna has relatively colloquial lyrics and is pretty much on the lines of an Arjuna-Krishna interaction. Naan Annathooviyil is set in a similar backdrop as Idayam from Kochadaiyaan. Gettimelam is back again – this time signaling a happy ending. The finale of this epic –Nenju Porukkudhilaiye- has Haricharan fittingly finishing the proceedings with an amazing rendition.

Verdict: If you need to know what sets AR Rahman apart from the rest of the composers, listen to the Kaaviya Thalaivan album. The Oscar winning composer shows his tremendous command over music and guides a talented team of singers, lyricists and musicians to deliver what could end up being the best album of the year. The tunes will linger in your ears for days. Try it out!

Our Pick: Vaanga Makka Vaanga, Alli Arjuna, Yaarumilla

Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Subramanian Harikumar

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • Syed Shafeeq Ahmed

    My Review for this Album (*****)(Excellent)…

  • Anand

    I won’t agreet that ‘Sollividu’ is the low point of this album. It is a very beautiful and meaningful blending of music and lyrics. Eventhough it starts like ‘Sakthi Kodu’ from Baba. It immediately shifts tone and stands out unique.

  • Music Fan

    ‘Sollividu’ is an excellent track, I don’t know Tamil and it still moved me. I would say that the low point of the album is ‘Sandi Kuthirai,’ a slight problem with mixing where the song becomes too loud at times. But the rest of the tracks are complete masterpieces…wow from Rahman!

  • Kumari

    Without doubt Aye Mr Minor is the best track. Shashaa has the most beautiful voice.

  • Ajay

    Mr rating is 5/5. I was stunned. Mr ARR has composed this album as if he has born in 1920 and had composed it. He is the most versatile music composer in the history of music. He can compose Hollywood, at same time can compose Bollywood and Kollywood. All the songs are gems. Mr. Minor is an absolute gem. 5/5 must be given.

  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    ARR …u r awesome…!!!! Excellent music… excellent fusion of music…!!!!!!!

  • Jay-ho Jayanth

    Karnamotcham is an amazing composition of A R Rahman like the other songs in the album Kaaviyathalaivan. Mukesh’s voice had been an excellent choice and ARR is dexterous in that. Vaanga makka vaanga is crafted so well with conflating carnatic music and folk style and my heart goes with Yarumilla song. Alli Arjuna is a musical and a BIG FAT treat for all music lovers and a great experience for tamil songs listeners. Yeh Mr. Minor is going to be the Major hit of this year and makes us all ears for the visuals. And top of all Sandi Kuthira will never gonna let the listeners to stay on Earth. It wil give an experience of a ride with Issai Puyal. Jayho A R Rahman… Puyal maiyam kondadhu :)

  • karthik

    I liked every song. the rhythm of ‘sandi kuthirai’ is good. I liked very much.
    A R rahman given the best