Kajal Aggarwal slaps Naga Chaitanya!

Kajal Aggarwal slaps Naga Chaitanya!

She got too angry on the sets of Dhada

Our gossip hawks, who were deputed on the sets of Ajay Bhuyan’s Dhada, have returned with a sizzling tidbit of information that would put young Akkineni Naga Chaitanya to shame! Chaitu, who is playing the role of a street goon in the movie, has been slapped on the face by his heroine, Kajal Aggarwal. So? It happened off screen!

Kajal and Chaitu were reportedly at loggerheads, right from the word go, and the makers were having a tough time managing the two. The clash culminated in an altercation and the female actor reportedly slapped him on his face! The exact provocation for the duel is not known, though insiders tell us it was all about “seniority”. The makers are in a fix now, for they do not know who they should name Dhada after: The hero or the heroine!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Dheeru(depp)

    Kajal aggarwal is very very very good looking,cute u r best,actress in india.
    I like kajal be..us she don,t do bekni scen.u r best 4 me

  • chandan kumar

    how dare to slap our favourite yuvasamrat nagachaitanya .he is from akkineni family,akkineni family is base of tollywood,to do this kind of thing’s is really rediculous and punishable

    • thandav

      u done the gud thing kajal
      who said that akkineni family is d base of tollywood
      his stupid dirty idiotic face and he