Karthi Sivakumar denies ‘insulting’ Tamil fans

Karthi Sivakumar falls prey to controversy. The buzz in the industry is that the Paruthi Veeran actor insulted his Tamil audiences and spoke highly of his Telugu fans

At a recent awards ceremony in Hyderabad, the ever-smiling actor passed a random comment appreciating his Telugu audience, “I like Telugu audiences more, as they come to theatres to watch films and are also generous in their appreciation.” But this didn’t go down well his Tamil fans. One thing led to another, and now the actor is accused of insulting his Tamil  fans. Karthi has, however, denied saying anything against the Tamil audience. “Speaking high of Telugu fans doesn’t mean I have belittled Tamil audience. I myself am a Tamil movie buff. My speech at the function was just to express my gratitude to the Tollywood audience, as they support my films a lot. I love Tamil audiences the way I love my family members. Do I have to say every now and then that I love my own parents?” While, the actor feels misunderstood, we hope that his Tamil fans give him the benefit of the doubt and let this one pass. We are sure even Karthi knows that it will do no good to invite the wrath of your fans.