Kriti Kharbanda escapes fire accident!

Kannada hottie came out unscathed when fire broke in her hotel room

Fire accidents are common in film sets where daredevil stunts are performed almost everyday. But Kannada starlet Kriti Kharbanda faced mortal peril in a hotel room and not while shooting in a film set. On the night of shoot wrap of Diganth and Kriti Kharbanda starrer Minchagi Nee Baralu, fire broke in heroine’s room when the leggy lass was sound asleep.

“I was given an executive suite at Hotel Chiranth. The room looked unused for a while, but since we were all tired, we retired for the night. After using the geyser for a shower, I watched some television and slept. In the middle of the night, though, I woke up as I thought I’d heard the crackle of sparks. I told myself that I must have been dreaming and went back to sleep. But when I heard the sound again, I got up, only to see fire in the room, which was slowly spreading. I panicked at first, but quickly pulled myself together. I wrapped a wet towel around myself and stepped out to wake my staff. The film crew and hotel staff then doused the fire.”  said a shaken Kriti Kharbanda, who was unharmed by the accident.

The startlet was not happy with the way hotel  staff had addressed her concern on safety. ” “The staff was very casual about it and said that these things happen. I used to be a strong person who feared nothing. But now I am worried about my safety, as this was nothing short of a near-death experience for me,” said an irked Kriti who was taken aback by authorities casual attitude.

This is the second fire incident down south as just weeks ago Manoj Manchu escaped a fire accident at the sets of Current Teega. We wonder what’s evoking this wrath from  the fire gods.