Ladies and Gentlemen’s Social Network Andi Babu song: The new promo is a rage on the internet!

The satirical song on social networking has got the masses hoodwinked with its outrageously funny take on our internet driven lives

In a fast paced life, internet has become one of the basic necessities for living. Just an internet connection is enough to make people happy now-a-days. It is precisely this message which Telugu movie Ladies and Gentlemen‘s  promo song Social network andi babu wants to convey in a fun-non preachy way.

The makers who had released the promo song are already celebrating as just like the social networking sites, the song has hoodwinked millions. The music composer Raghu Kunche is seen in the video having a blast along with singer Noel and Junior Relangie. The entire video is shot in a compartment of local train, with the singers singing about the current trend of social media in a bhajan kinda tune.

Bollywoodlife gives you five reasons to catch this promo song:

The song is incredibly funny with lyrics penned by Sirisi. The lyrics of the song are drenched in satire and will surely bring a smile to your face.

The song will be surely enjoyed by one and all as the makers have not sparred any term or technology related to social networking including Anroid, Apple and internet as a whole.

The tune is catchy and the way the singers have crooned  give it a bhajan-esque touch. The artists seem to be having a great time in the video and their energy is contagious.

The video depicts how we all are so addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Google etc and how the internet forms an integral part of our life. You can’t hide your smile and say to yourself ‘How true!’

 The song is shot in a local train in front of real people could have gone awry had it turned preachy. But we gotta give full marks to the makers to create a cool video to match the cool audio, making it a pleasant watch.

So if you are looking for some laughs, go and catch this hilarious song. Surely the song has turned out to be a great promotion for the movie Ladies and Gentlemen.

Watch the promo song below!